QOTD: i fell for you painfully and hard, and i don't want to recover.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

i have been dismissed.

no, i am just not ready to share my feelings yet

the missed: a December 2009 post (finally we are there)

alas the roomie graduates =) and leaves me for home =(

andy who finally graduates after his complication, fewence and the bkb captain Jon

thanks Euric for the lovely Lovely

thanks Su-ann and Henri

the one which came the earliest

my everything and all for Only Me, thanks Big

the missed: a September-October 2009 post

Font size
all hell broke lose when the new housemate moved in *cheers*

tiesto:set! assignment folder: set! sleep: NONE

candy heavan

minties ~ *yums*

will all gracefulness, the roommate =)

the first layer of Fredo love

because colours make my day and so do you

you can never have too many colours in a present!

second shirt also with the love bean on and the bday card

yeap there can never be too many colours and stars in a present

it was a finger-painful-numb process but hey, it made Big happy =)
so that made me happy too

Sunday, January 24, 2010

the missed: a July-August 2009 post

alas. the one thing everyone looks forward to after studying their brains out: Graduation.
hope you had a good one Lynnie! everytime i use your red bowl, it reminds me of you.

because i am that cool, and so is my Dell

when bored of study, photograph.

what's studying without brain food !!!

there is always a silver-lining after every rain

yea i heart my ex-homies

the missed: an April-June 2009 post

the fun things we got ourselves into...

the missed: a March 2009 post

it was a time of new beginnings, new friendships and the familiar smell of lecture notes.
BUT this time, with much much much more comfier seats
that's for sure!!!

i give you the University of Queensland

*points to self*
and one of the many nerds who's just ready to do what else than NERD.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

the missed: a February 2009 post

well, the true meaning of independence finally smacked me in the face first when i had to settle my own airplane tickets, it surely was an experience checking ever-so often for flights (you see how i didn't even say "cheap" flight). searching for flights at that time was hard enough already, let alone to get a cheap one that would've been impossible i tell you! but yea i had to get my spirits up despite having to deal with missing the beau tons and getting accustom to the fact that he's a whole timezone away from me, for many many things had to be done. there were clothes to buy, people to catch up with as well as spend lots of quality time with the family. there was a mess when in search for a place to stay; aside having to move away from the family at least i was bringing two other nut-cases along with me. all hail the righteous Christianne Tham and the-not-so-sane-minded Thor Su-Ann, hence all was good though we never quite came at the same time and in the end not stay at the same place, i say that we all turned out pretty damn good *so two thumbs us for us please*

so i'm leaving on a jet plane don't know when i will be back again

on the 16th of February i left Malaysia with a heavy heart. Malaysia i felt and still feel was the only sense of connection i had left of the beau, probably because he was ever so Malaysian as compared to me. hence it felt like i left my heart in Kuala Lumpur (as oppose to having it left in San Fransisco) and plus i can't lie if i said that i didn't miss my rascal naive-young-hearted sisters and my parents.. what will they ever do without me? who's gonna dry the clothes and boiled ABC soup when you guys are busy? or buy back yummy pasar malam food on tuesday nights? *sobs* mummy daddy i miss you with all my heart despite the long 20 years of lectures which i now receive only from my lecturers and i don't love them like how i do to you two...

arriving on the 17th of February with Miss Thor and Wormie, we slept in my uncle's car sleeping the sleep we deserve after a long tiresome horrid but still appreciably cheap flight. after resting and nursed by my aunt we headed then to Sunnybanks which would be the place to be, well if you're Asian *lols* but hey it is i tell you!!! so yea we bunked in for 2 weeks at my cousin's place while he was back in Malaysia as we took over him room in a house which he shared with a naive kind souled Eva and Kobe who were for Macau, BUT everything was all good UNTIL the slut-face of a Kobe's girlfriend (now EX mind you) named Nelly who truly showed how much she didn't like us being there without shame. thankfully Miss Thor and i finally got to move away from Slut-zilla into your nice little cosy place at St Lucia which is just 5 minutes-walk away from the campus thanks to her friend Buford. alas one of the first friends i made in Brisbane who were from Malaysia, Jaclyn my housemate and Andy who's room we were gonna sleep at which was officially his to begin with =)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

the missed: a January 2009 post

i dont even know where really to start actually. alas the consequences of not blogging and wanting to blog now; but at the same time not wanting to lose out the important bits of the past year.

in January as my babysitting days started to end, i had to prepare myself to leave the nest: or rather what every one of us calls it, home. yea sure i never really got what i really wanted to do, but hey that's life as we don't get what we always want. so with a new love and a new application all finally sorted out, Bachelor of Pharmacy it is and at the University of Queensland it would be. and i had to wake up every morning thinking to myself "embrace it Xu, embrace it. 4 years of pharmacy will pass by in a flash" *curses, yerr right* but still i couldn't run away now, as what my father would say "you have to think of doing something which will be profitable for you in the future, i can't have you running around next time working as a public school counselor or someone who works in a food factory". as much as i would like to say to myself that dad's being a little dense here about the outcomes of taking Psychology or Nutrition and Dietetics, i would have to maturely admit that he was probably thinking of the worse of what could happen. hence, i guess i can't blame him for doing so. with the amount of money which has to be paid by international school kids to study, it sure is a huge lump-sum of paper currency being invested here on one person.

then came the dark days of when friendship and relationships come to a clash bringing out very much the worse in people. yea things were pretty much ugly and all, but with time i guess acceptance is after all acceptance with very much of giving in as well as pocket fulls of understanding. i sure gotta admit still that i was half-hearted having to give up those times with the beau just to work things out and i very much wonder up till today whether it was worth it because now i find myself thinking that i really could've had more time spent with the beau. still the beau agreed that i should fix things and all to what ever queenly needs which had to be taken care of... see why the beau's worth it all? *grins* but yea i'll just take for granted and yea i did take for granted that you would've understood that i have only managed to be with the beau face-to-face for only 10 months, who knows when the next time will ever come. as compared to yours. but wells, shit happens to make us learn. so i still bid you farewell with all the sincerity of my heart *a toast to all the good times*

lastly of course, having to let go of the beau himself who had to head to the Alps to finish off his degree. we could've had much more time to ourselves boyfriend, but thanks for being the man you are anyways. i guess that of course makes us treasure our memories much more yea? and of course to look towards a better brighter future where it would finally be just the two of us together. things like buying fried ice-cream from SS2's night market; chocolate-chip for you and raspberry ripple for me. the fun of having meals despite it being the most luxurious like Japanese at Rakuzen or the most humble for instance the search for the ultimate "char siew" barbecue pork; just having you there makes everything extra special. then there were late night hangouts (still all before my curfew, mind you) and heart to hearts which i very much enjoy. for each and every day that i strive and plunder through without you, they bring me forward to being with you again soon enough. to re-live moments at Tunes once again *hearts*

thats all for January 2009.