QOTD: i fell for you painfully and hard, and i don't want to recover.

Friday, July 11, 2008

endorphine 2.21

how can the simple evolve to being out of hand?
how can it just all be pretend?
like summer and its lease of beauty,

insecurity tends to prevail.
why do we have to feel?
why do we have to love?
why do we hurt?
it is because,
we are only human;
being brought on by pain,

under influences of endorphines.

i was once told based on a korean proverb that it only takes a few words to warm one winters day, but little did i know it also only takes a few words to dampen your soul and wish that you never did ask the things you did as they might just have the capabilities to change who you are. yes suzannie i cant believe im saying this but like i told you, love blinds us all and takes us to mysterious places, places which you never want to crosspath.

why do we humans have to hurt?
we just want to be loved.

gnite. why aren't things never what they seem to be?

Friday, July 04, 2008

twisted turn of fate

OST: Meet the Robinsons
a movie worth catching
teaches one bout the lessons of life
and how one little step can change your future