QOTD: i fell for you painfully and hard, and i don't want to recover.

Monday, January 21, 2008

owh man, im awfully late with the birthdays again

weren't those times just the best? i wish it lasted forever...
to hann and jay elle, you two january babies,
happy belated birthday
both of you have touched my heart in many ways and held me up even on my darkest days
what would i have done without the two of you?
you two RAWK to the maxxx

Friday, January 11, 2008

dwayne "the rock" johnson !!!!

the movie was *eff-iiiiiiiiiing* GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD
go catch it, it aint your everyday typical kinda predictable comedy thing
i was wrong myself, it was awesome !!!!!!!

the other soldier

choeeeee's off to melb, but goldcoast first! choe, this is the best as it's gonna get in order for me to get you a plate of roti canai =p aiiih jiannie left, and soon karwai to aussie, rach soon to start at monash, ming hann back to spore, cheelynn exams at notts, and yvonne to usa. hhahha my latest hang out buddies all going back..... then i'll soon be seeing less of the [bb4L] babes..... i love my hols; and i hate going back to studies =[ but a scholar's gotta do what a scholar's gotta do *fullstop*

a lagging new year post

i am proud to present to you this year's forsaken attendees present at ttdi's
well-known Dream Park
eLiNG and her darling
Jay eLLe and ham cHoy and ming the late barTendeR
anNe and anN (who was there with us mentally)

2008 (1u's fireworks)

2008 (curve's lagging fireworks)

a round of drinks for a good year *cheers*
it certainly was a night to remember. be it the funny funny lil things the tipsy-s did and said or the agony of ending another year under the pouring rain (which actually felt good to be under). well, i had more new year sms-es than expected and as well as an unexpected call from jiannieee who laughed at me as he had shade from the pouring rain and claimed that i did not! i beg your pardon jianners but the i had shade as well! ;p
all in all, i had a good night despite the rehab
Happy New Year People of the World
bring on them resolutions! bring it ON!

Monday, January 07, 2008

i hate myself for keeping you waiting ernie

happy bday en-dong!
im so so so SOWEE for the delay in posting you a bday post.
well happy belated birthday anyways my dear mei-mei !
college and uni life has brought us apart and i dont get to talk to you as much as i really want to and im really sorry for that.
but please know that there is a place in my heart whereby you'll stay in always.
far in distance but close to heart?
i know ive let you down a few times when i couldnt make it for events planned.
sowee, please have a heart to forgive this silly ka che of yours.
lots of love, xu