QOTD: i fell for you painfully and hard, and i don't want to recover.

Monday, September 24, 2007

triANGEL !!!! snail.....

This post here is specially dedicated to a best babe of mine, Funnie who turned 19 today!!!


PDA !!!! (public display of affection) kim jack, control yourself LARH
entertainment for the night, Funnie on the chair while being serenaded by the singing TGIF bday crew she's fast isn't she? =p
xu, a wide grinning watson and QiQiHao!!

and yes, the picture for the night:
the after effect of a J.D. Burger and bottomless cups of ice lemon tea,
watson gets in touch with his childhood. the jurassic park dinosaur hunter?

hope u had a great time gurl, xu HEARTS you

Friday, September 21, 2007

who said ?

now, who ever said sciences were boring? there's definitely more to it than just studying.. duhh!!! only you non-sciences ppl claim that we're book-nerding aliens!!! HEEEhee----

the basic science of evolution
(and my love for parafilm once again)
and yes, the outcome of 3 hours of anatomy and phsiology..

a-hoy there mateys! yes, for the love of the flying DUTCH lady~
my succesfully lab-fermented yogurt for microbiology

oh yes, microbes are ALL around us.

nutrient-filled agar plate inocculated with e. coli bacteria.
the "loving" bacteria which allows you to count how many tiles there are in your bathroom while having diarhea =]

-molecularly mosaic-

battusai !!! the science of self-defense!!! the samurai molecule~
and finally.the central of all sciences: chemistry.
the chemistry between two people
dedicated to my babe, funnie and her darling sabah-export, kim jack
to most of you non-sciences ppl out there, you willing to think twice now? hmm? =]

Sunday, September 16, 2007

ower thou thee shall be?

the outcome of rolled parafilm, microbio permanent all suface marker, 3 hours of anatomy & physiology with mr ling and a very bored xu= my new fwen
after a whole week of needless words, meaningful confessions, saddened noob driver accident stories, the sightfullness of the playmaker, sun absorbed basketball games with the morning crew, a cuppa barley panas, owen!!!, daughtry-over you, heartaches, my monitor's frequent downfalls,
the missed suprised bday party for ma babe, smashed plans of a perfect lunch suprised luncheon,
the done wondering "of when-s", the catch up with bb4L babes (unsuccessful, mind you), friday night lights with eling and the jocks;
a new week is here once more.
xu shalt not slack this week.
or so, thee will be....
stucked in the debris of
*blah!* ima going nuts

Saturday, September 15, 2007

how much "bester" can this get ?!!!

England 3-0 Russia, Euro 2008 Qualifying Group
*drools* none other than the very very impossible michael james owen with his first 2 goals for england!!! his well-placed shot and that marvelously superb volley shot were truly gems!!! and for the 3-0 outcome, rio ferdinand derserves two thumbs up!!! i'd give owen three if i had any =]

Sunday, September 09, 2007

best of the "bestest" ever

michael james owen people! all haiL his sublime half-volley! *such a dream*
today turned out to be a great day ;] for once in my life, which probably only occurs once in a blue moon. not only did england beat israel (which was kinda expected already) but owen shone like a true star. then i had bkb in the morn which was alright and i met up with ann,ling and her darling for dinner at hartamas square for the best pizza which i haven't eaten in a loong loooong time. on the way nack home would've to be the one of the greatest moments as jokes started cracking up non stop starting from ann saying "make sure ur brother stand" to jessel (God knows what brother uber horny ann is refering to, must've be the honeydew juice) and she intruding the lovebird's "sport the sportage game" (hell funny) to eling "i play by myself" statement. it truly was a good night.
have a great weekend ahead people
*darn, college starts in 4 hours time*

Thursday, September 06, 2007