QOTD: i fell for you painfully and hard, and i don't want to recover.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

blogthingymajiggy I

Your Kiss is Green

Your kisses are short and sweet - at least a first.
You tend to be a cautious kisser. You don't want to scare anyone off.
Once you get to know someone, your kisses are daring... and even wild.
No matter what the situation is, you know how to deliver the perfect kiss.

Kissing Type: Varied

People See Your Kisses as: Skillful

You Kiss Best With: A Blue Kisser

Stay away from: A Black Kisser
who's up for an audition? =*
haha LoLx

Friday, July 27, 2007

ANTM cycle ei8ht

i am for JAEL all the way baby! she the one to the left on the top most row! i don't usually support whites cuz there's too many of them on magazine already! but!!!! she's not like the rest, she half black half jew (something like that) black can u imagine?! "u gonna holla back at me gurl?" hehe.. and she's got bloody spunk for a punk (mind u, she ain't emo weird and all that) i just wish renee would just STOP using her "son talk" to melt people's heart and all, it's fecking pathethic!!!!! anyhows, JAEL!!!!!!

i know... spare me thy irony

i would like to thank you so much for being with me through half of my finals. whether in bed or while i'm studying, you were so there for me. through the wondrous porridge-filled lunches till the bed-warming nights, i thank you so. u were even there when i completed HP and the Death Hallows, for that i can't thank you enough. owh i love you so much my amazing.. GASTRIC ATTACK cum BACTERIAL INFECTION!!! NOT!!! bloody hell, the outcome of spicy nasi lemak and a tall glass of cold milk caused me a whole week of pain and agony in bed left to only eat plain porridge and 3 checks to medical centers. i love you so doctor viji, i'm finally recovering (see, recovering, NOT recovered!) aiih... now i gotta like fully fully recover so that i can start taking outside food and officially party cuz it's the hols!!! finals are oveeer and OUT *swings bat enthusiatically, then bends down, holds tummy, ouwch....*

damn it, so many things to do, so till time.... i got movies and friends to catch up with!!! i think i'll leave my blogskin this way, i like it this way. untill i'm semangat enough, i'll alter it. Heehee~~~

Saturday, July 07, 2007

of spinifexes, sarawak noodles, and banallies

yea, she's the one leaving msia today. hop along now you hopping mouse [spinifex]

one of my best babes who is now on the plane flying towards perth. to she who taught me one of the most important lessons in life (other than friendship), LEO goes GER!!! what would i ever do without you and den during SAM?! *reminisces the days* fairy cakes babe! they’re the BOMB! well, other than the enormous range of chocolates you’ll be having there ; ] and ohhh ur so lucky, being near the beach and all.. i want pictures of ur new friends and the place of which you will be staying at, post em on ur blog!!! you wait and see babe, if everything goes swell for me, ima so gonna see you there!!!! and we’re gonna rock that UWA!! huGs allie-banallie, xoxoXoXOXO

Of fish balls, quay teow th’ng and farewells.

ah-ha! no ur pics aren't copyrighted are they JL!? i found this on a cd shiau passed to me back in 06 for our prom! LoLx!

As how ying choy phrased it, “ bird has left the building”… jay elle’s like the very first guy to have stepped foot outside the basic everyday circle among all the other jocks. twas hell awkward as we all stood there silently aligned in a curve ready to send him off thru “the Gate”. before leaving, he started wishing and hugging each and everyone of us and right at that time, i’m sure that all of you had only got one thing in mind “boy, im sure gonna miss this fella” and soon all the memories and good times start flashflood-ing through your mind then BAAM tears… i ain’t so sure who cried or not that night (or who had won the 50 bucks bet that they wouldn’t shed a tear) because what mattered most at that time was the fact that malaysia’s missing another psychopathic “gila-ass” orang! heehee ; p and i mean that in the best way ever if ur reading this jay elle!!! hann thanks for the support but i jz couldn’t help it, and hehn, hehe.. thanks for the tissue (pai sieh!) back into hann’s wira where the 6 of us comfortably squished ourselves into, emptiness was just what each and all of us felt. whether it was thoughts of bkb on fri nights at shiau’s place or probably mcDee’s ketchup drinking sessions etc etc we’re missing you JL, so take care and do safely get ur ass back here in nov. don’t go driving all the sheeps there wild (if you do see any!) and many thanks to uncle, aunty and jie jie ooi for dinner at subang: hot bowls of fish ball quay teow th'ng was everything we needed to re-charge; jitt was damn adorable the whole night trying to help us debate to pay for the bill but he lost at every attempt. and yes, aunty we OWE you one ! ! !