QOTD: i fell for you painfully and hard, and i don't want to recover.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

taGGed for the secondth time [ Jay Elle ]

On The Outside
name: Lim Xuyen
date of Birth: 5th Dec 1988
current status: in a relationship with my cell bio text book and graphing calculator [unattached]
eye colour: dark brown with specks of emptiness
righty or lefty: a lil of an ambidextrous
On The Inside
my heritage: chinese and a quarter nyonya
my fear: cicak rumah! and loosing people who mean a lot to me
my weakness: soft-hearted-ness
my perfect pizza: crust only ! ! ! chicken pepperoni and pineapple, no tomato puree (is it still considered a pizza?)
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
my thoughts first wakin up: am i awake?! *shrugs*
tomorrow: have i done my chem tutorial?!
my bedtime: fluctuates with my mood
my most missed memory: mssd 05 basketball and high school
My Pick
pepsi or coke: banana java chip *StarBucks*
mcDees or BurgerKing: mcDees!
single or group dates: it's still a date, what does it matter?
adidas or nike: both
Lipton or Nestea: none "limau ais"
choc or vanilla: both!!!
cappucino or coffee: banana java chip *StarBucks once again*
Do I
smoke: nope and never will (shisha ain't considered rite?)
curse: it depends... . . .
In The Past Month
drank alcohol: yea 3days ago, apple pelican 5% alcohol
gone to the mall: hell yeah!
been on a stage: not really
eaten sushi: yes! sushigroove at 1u *smacks lips*
dyed my hair: narh
What Was I Doing
1 minute ago: tried to copy and paste this tag thing from JL's blog *unsuccessful*
1 hour ago: basketbaLL-ing!!!
4 1/2 hours ago: basketbaLL-ing still!!!
1 month: thinking what i'd do in one month time ;p
1 year ago: knowing that i'd miss denise and allie in a year time
Finish The Sentence
i love: my family, friends, my future godchildren (eling! ann!) and my original cd collections
i feel: that guys who mess around with other ppl's feeling should rot in hell. and Liverpool deserves to win!!! damnation~
i hate: lansi dyke basketballers, go shove something up ur arse ;p
i hide: my feelings, alot
i miss: eling (forced to put it down) hahah!
i need: a scholarship to UWA, perth (my only road to freedom... . .)
Tag 5 People
those who are reading this NOW while listening to music

Thursday, May 24, 2007

shot cups of sugar rimmed photo-shots

hey y'all peeps! mid-terms are over, Over and DONE ! ! ! so here are the photos of DIP of SCI farewell cum installation prom 07 as promised. . . and to non-kDu students, these are some of the people who i've been gila-ing with since the beginning of the year.

america's next top model : the kdu-ians do it right

three time's the charm: funnie, kel and yours truly

erm yea . . presenting kel, once again after food; which probably explains why he skips meals so much ;p

my korean superstar and i (the ones in whitees in our intake)

seow wen my rawkstar, jack my korean superstar and funnie my allstar (ey funnie, go closer a bit la!)

mosmos + funnie = mosnie

the hawt blissful emcees of the night

(top l-r) kel, seow wen, ms pang!, sook ling (bottom l-r) lee yan, si yen, xu, may yee, funnie ;p, suzannie

so sonny, did we get the lease for comp101 from ms deebha? u were suppose to ask remember? (senior)

sweet janice, the girl who thought i wasn't local ! (i look drunk here, hmm...) (senior)

steve and khai (seniors)

si yen and yours truly

back home while the rest headed to Ruums KL

* the end *

Monday, May 21, 2007

four time's the charm [ ll ]

my channel of pain: scars (and that's jz one of the fours)
awkwardly, i was inspired to blog today because of my basketball scars, i jz can't ignore the pain, thats probably why. hey, four time's the charm ain't it? LoLx! these scars mean a lot to me. their small (except for the one on my shoulder) but their deep and boy to they hurt like shit... . . call me weird but as i was about to doze off last night, thoughts ran through my mind on how each scar reflected the pain i've gone through for the past 4 years. hahaa! talk about being emo BUT im fine, really. im starting to feel better about myself because i was told that " one doesn't need another just to be complete " and i totally agree. you are who you are, and that is what completes you. as simple as that! no questions asked! the reason why i only took a photo of the scab on my shoulder is because i feel "closer" to it somehow, hhaaha! ( i hope someone doesn't capture me and send me to the circus thinking that im some fortune teller madame Z or whoever, due to the awkwardnes of this post ) i dunno, call me nuts but it reminds me of a star/cross/milky way galaxy thingy. haha! and i would like to thank seow wen and kelv ( kelv wong not "chicken up") for reminding that i've got a scar there by poking it continuously...

i tear my heart open.i sew myself shut.my weakness is that i care too much.and my scars remind me.that the past is real.i tear my heart open.just to feel.drunk and i'm feeling down.and i just wanna be alone.i'm pissed cause you came around.why don't you just go home.cause you channel all your pain.and i can't help you fix yourself.you're making me insane.all i can say is.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

four time's the charm?!

i fell twice during basketball on saturday. first, edwin did the honours to merasmikan the pembukaan of the contest " bruise XU or u lose and snooZe " as i skidded on the court with my left shoulder. * u think u can drift? i can do it with one shoulder! look, no hands! * though i felt the salt-biting causing an excruciating pain on my left shoulder, i still played (ey ima tough gurL, hehe.. remember mssd when i got hurt but i wanted to play on though jackson didn't allow, and he had to scream to get me out, and i had to half-hearted-ly) and darryl (who was playing on the opponent's team that day) wanted me down and out! so there i was, once again, on my knees caressing the olive green court. still, i played on for the love of the game and also cuz i can't play on weekends so i had to push myself to the max. after an hour, the game was up and i left for home to carry out a whole load of errands. and only after i showered, i found out that i had 4 scars to heal from, not 2 but four! the shoulder one hurts the most *ouch!* but hey, thats basketball for you. no pain no gain and hell, pain is pleasure is it not?! teehee.. . . . aiih, one day wasted on chem lab experiment report, but it's finally DONE!!! and my arse hurts... . . nights y'all *runaway love*

hmm... what title to put for this post?

my dad needs to learn and master the art of not over-commenting and nagging everyone about every little damn thing, its frustrating in the long run... my mom needs to learn how to ballroom dance and do the quick-step and also the cha-cha (ok not needs but wants to. the after effects of watching "shall we dance" and well... richard gere! hehe! horr... im gonna tell dad!) my sisters?! *faints* well my sisters need to learn about RESPECT. what is up with the kids in this generation man?! don't get me wrong, i love kids (i work with them, hello?) but my sisters behaviour these few months have been really really sickening and a direct pain in my arse... no matter what you say to them, nothing will go into the thickly skulled stubborn dim-witted air heads of theirs... urgh... *vomits blood* me?! i need to learn how to add songs to my blog, change my blogskin and and and... not be taken advantage of for being too nice... you know who you are, and i'm not going to be your kambing korban nor your last resort no more. ima gonna stomp my feet down, "say enough is enough" as quoted by kootang during our "food-tempt-alicious" convo. dim sum bay-be ! ! ! and no, choc on ass is not appetizing, not at ALL ! ! !

Friday, May 18, 2007

captured by sight

here's the video of the hawt b-boy i meantioned earlier, stussy boy! paul, of all people (*smirks!*) managed to capture him in action on his mp3/camera thingy-majiggy. thanks paulie-waulie aka paul smaul (i noe u hate it when i call u that but too bad!) =] get ready to tlit ur heads y'all, don't ask me bout the angle, ask the camera man, paulie-waulie!!! teehee... his last "freeze" was unaccomplished but he's still hawt, ah-ha!!! and btw, i'm NO stalker...

Sunday, May 13, 2007

eppy muzzer day!

to all mothers, grandmothers, ah tai-s and godmothers out there, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY !!! mom, despite all the things i have said, i will love you with all my heart for eternity =* muacks!!! pictures of my installation and the seniors farewell dinner at J.W Marriot will be up after my cellbiology test has ended and the breaker vid of the stussy breaker boy will be up as soon as paul passes it to me. hugz u all.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

engulfed in the nothingness of you

times like this when you're not here to make me feel better about myself, are the times when i realise why i miss you so much. but i guess you found the girl who probably won't give you shit like this to worry about. it's for the best i guess. well, she's one lucky helluva chic who ppl thought was me (from far), did you know? and it hell sucks. i had 3 ppl who came up with me and said "we didn't know you two got back together, you're so mean not to tell us. u must be so happy now la huh?!" and there i stood dumb-founded only to find out what they meant when i saw that photograph. boy did i enjoy watching her clad in her white top with black graffiti and a jean skirt style which i'm usually in.

~!@#$%^&* enough said

basketball: what turns me on.

i'm sure the captions above have said enough about my first love.

neeways, my mom is currently not speaking to me because i went for basketball yesterday in the evening after college when she went out to fetch my sister from tuition. why?! because she claims i did it behind her back. because she claims since i'm THAT free to go for basketball, must as well i start doing housework instead. (you sweat when you play basketball and you sweat when you mop, so what's the difference? must as well do housework since you don't help me to do things)

counter-attack: i did it behind her back?! i told my other sis to let her know. and wtf is this?! shouldn't you be happy that i at least told my other sis where i went and not jz walk out?! *gasp sarcastically* oh gosh, am i too young to do so? the last time i checked, i was freaking 18. and i went for freaking basketball at the freaking court in bu3 which is like 5 minutes away. not 1u to hang out with my friends! not hartamas no to go clubbing! not even ttdi for a drink with my friends! come on. cut me some fecking slack, i had a shitty stressed day at college damnit!!! it's jz a bloody 2 hour game of basketball. cut me some fecking SLACK.

GOSH ! ! ! ! ! !!

and thanks to that, i can't bloody study when i'm feeling like shit. especially when there's shouting in the house and all. screw my day and my depressing life where nobody understands and appreciates who i am, except myself.

i've fecking missed PARTS dance audition twice because i was willing to sacrifice that so that you won't bloody have complications to fetch me. and there's an upcoming dance audition which posters are everywhere around college and i'm gonna miss that too. see, i do this so that i wouldn't have to see you so stressed up and lecture me for God knows what reason and get so fed up for nothing. i can't do the things that i want to do and dream of doing, all because of you. you just got no idea how much i've done and have not done jz to see you two happy. see this is how much i care about you and dad damnit. you two just don't fucking know and bother to care. but it's all to late to do anything about it because there's no way to turn back time. so thank you.

urgh..... i'm tearing now, damnation.


omg! omg! omg! i've been taGGed! for the very first time! *squeels out loud*then pauses* then i realised, ern taGGed me, but what am i suppose to tag about since she didn't really specify what i was supposed to do. so i jz left it aside =] hehe, sorry ern!!! but i jz visited her blog with this really awesome RockYou thingy and somewhere in the middle of her posts, i saw my name there and realised what i was suppose to tag about. LoL! ern, sorry for the delay, you know la how new i am to this ;p so here it goes (though it's kinda short and simple compared to those i've seen before)

5ive reasons why Xu konon-nya "blogs"
5. what better way to kutuk annoying uncivilized barbarians and hint it to them indirectly than to do it on your blog ?!?
4. erm.... diaries are sooo yesterday?!
3. so that i can participate and contribute a little in this massive thing called the worldwide web! muaHaHa! i play a part in Google! how important is that?! =]
2. to bore the world population with my meaning-less and depressing but yet amusing rambles.
1. well, i gotta continue with what i started and show the world that i ain't no quitter.
*subject due to changes* teehee...