QOTD: i fell for you painfully and hard, and i don't want to recover.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

stussy breakeR-Boy on the run

body positioning head spinning hot locking move rocking rotation flipping breaks.hahaa... translation? hawt breaker boy =] LoLx! what?! i can't help it larh... msia is a democratic enough country for one's eyes to linger at anyone. hotlink had some event thing at college yesterday and i was watching a few dancers strut-ing their stuff. when he came, trust me it was like "wow!". the dancers before that except a girl which i presume had a ballet background was so so so stagnant... they involve a really awkward shuffle-ing dude who was trying to impress his gf but instead, it counteract-ed when she walked away "speaking" on her phone and a girl which just stood in front of the camera doing nothing!!!! i mean like, hello?!?!?!?! you spent 10 minutes filling in competition form to stand in front of the crowd doing... nothing.... i think that pretty covers everyone else who participated! the hitz.fm crew were here too and they inhaled helium gas resulting their chipmunk-ish voices!!! i wanna try that!!! hehe.... black jumper guy is so yesterday... hello stussy bBoy ;p one more thing, a Botswanian guy asked me for my number and wants a date movie with me!!! remember ThaBang? yea!!! him!! ah-ha!!! neeways, does msia sell stussy products? i always thought that brand was really fresh and they only had that in the States. hehe... ciao people!!!

damn it... xu got tickets to the third hotest rock concert in msia (after LP's and SP's visit in 2003). hmmmm.... so the question is, what the hell stopped her from going?! easy... her dad!!! ARGH!!! i teared every second as the day of the concert approached hoping for a miracle to strike my dad in the head, which didn't happened... i don't fecking get it!!! his reason: music is a waste of time. see that is enough to bring one's heart down. it's damn sickening!!! i so don't deserve this kinda treatment!!! it's a total bullshit, feck it!!! at least i've got LP's new cd to look forward to and a huge LP poster in my room which i won't take down no matter what!!! but missing the concert sucked like shit.... you're gonna pay for doing that dad.... i want a good bday present this year damn it!!! sorry but it's the human heart which is doing its thing now.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

say ok- vanessa ann hudgens

You are fine
You are sweet
But I'm still a bit naive, with my heart
When you're close I don't breathe
I can't find the words to speak
I feel sparks
But I don't wanna be into you
If you are not looking for true love
No I don't wanna start seeing you
If I can't be your only one
So tell me when it's not alright
When it's not ok
Will you try to make me feel better?
Will you say alright?
Will you say ok?
Will you stick with me through whatever?
Or run away
(Say that it's gonna be alright. That it's gonna be ok)
Say Ok.

When you call I don't know if I should pick up the phone every time
I'm not like all my friends who keep calling up the boys, I'm so shy
But I don't wanna be into you
If you don't treat me the right way
See I can only start seeing you
If you can make my heart feel safe (feel safe)
Let me know if it's gonna be you
Boy, you've got some things to prove
Let me know that you'll keep me safe
I don't want you to run away so
Let me know that you'll call on time
Let me know that you won't be shy
Will you wipe my tears away?
Will you hold me closer?
When it's not alright
When it's not ok
Will you try to make me feel better
Will you say alright? (say alright)
Will you say ok? (Say ok)
Will you stick with me through whatever?
Or run away
(Say that it's gonna be alright. That it's gonna be ok)
Say OK

somehow, i find the bolded words affect me the most. if only i knew why. i'd tear when i hear this song when i'm feeling down. sickening rite? don't you just sometimes wish that you had someone special person to turn to to take all the pain away?

bore-DOOM ! ! !

nothing has been happening much... i once again missed a chance of a lifetime to a meet and greet session with mike shinoda of LINKIN PARK at the Tower of Records, KLCC. it's very very depressing... and Good Charlotte is coming to KL on the 24th of april and i've got no idea where to get tickets and whom to go with. so if anyone has got the details, please lemme noe asap!!! i so want to go =[ or it'll be another depressing thing for me to sob about. the only thing i'm looking forward to is the release of Minutes to Midnight [LP] in May!!! can't wait!!! ok, so before i bore you ppl, i'm going off now.. peace out y'all


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

she still does

what if she still does,
think about the twilight stars
which he once spoke of.
although it has all been forgetten.
what if she still does,
bother to step up and speak out.
although he would no longer acknowledge her.
what if she still does,
care about him like she once did.
although she knew she was just kidding herself.
what if she still does...

a smile, caps lock-ed in my mind.

The blaze of the scorching sun bit into the skin on Tariel’s shoulder as she made her way to Burkes to meet up with Thea. Looking down at the worn-out road pavement to block out the rays of the sun, she once again cursed for not bringing her umbrella. Wanting to put on a good first impression, (although she was just meeting Thea, her bestfriend from highschool whom the two shared everything from surfing magazines to juicy gossips, people do change in wondrous ways as time passes by, whether for good or bad) she started to worry about her messed up wind-blown hair and the trickling beads of sweat moving down her face. Questions of “what ifs” ran through her mind.

“What if Thea wouldn’t approve of my highlights? What if she notices once again (from the last meeting) that i didn’t bother to put on my eyeliner? What if….”


Suddenly, all worrying thoughts and Thea vanished from her mind. She realized that the guy walking towards her on the opposite side of the road was looking at her. For how long? She surely didn’t know. As he approached her, a warm charming smile appeared leaving Tariel’s heart playing a fast medley accompanied by a dizzy sensation in her head. For two minutes, two whole unbelievably amazing minutes, there they were, with their eyes locked. Tariel felt as if time did come to a stop and the whole universe belonged to them. Feeling a blush spreading fast on her cheeks, she gathered herself together only to find a shy smile to return to him. Slowly, the two paced further and further away from each other but Tariel was still tightly strapped in her rollercoaster ride. With a humming song in her heart and a smile plastered to her face, she ignored the lethargic heat and skipped ahead, eager to see Thea to pass on her tale.

"to hell with my highlights!" she shouted with glee.

author's note: inspired by a true tale (seriously!) and of course the hawt guy who was walking back to college as i was walking to star enterprise (DJ) from college. he did look like a really nice sweet guy... anyone knows a guy who was wearing a black jumper last monday?! ;p i wanna get to know him, not a lot of people get moments like that everyday you know?!